30 August – 6 September
This one-week camp is all about unleashing your inner creativity and having fun with other teens. All activities are conducted in English, so participants will be able to improve their language skills too. Every day, you’ll get to try out new art forms with the help of pro instructors who will make sure you have a blast and learn tons of new skills (art, design, photo, music, filming and writing).
You’ll be staying in an old villa (Masia) surrounded by stunning scenery, so get ready for some serious inspiration. Not only we’ll immerse ourselves in wild nature landscapes, but we’gonna learn how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle — getting energy from solar batteries, lessening our carbon footprint growing our own gardens, and taking care of nature.
Ready for an epic creative adventure? This is the perfect chance to express yourself, meet new friends, improve your English and make some amazing memories. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for the ultimate escape in one of the most beautiful places on earth!
What will your child learn?
Your child will learn to look at the world from a broader perspective, developing creativity, improving language skills, and will probably learn to better understand themselves.

Is the camp safe?
Yes, it is. Our masia is located on a closed private property, at a distance from other villages.

Do we have experience of working with kids?
Yes, we do. Our curators works as teachers in their industry as well.
How are meals organized at your camp?
Our meals are tasty and regular. The food will be cooked by a graduate of Hofmann Culinary School, a cook with 12 years of experience in the restaurant industry and 3 years of experience at children’s camps. Here she is!
Is there a transfer to the camp and back? Yes, there is. We arrange a transfer from Barcelona at an extra charge (20 euros one way). You can also bring your child by car on the day the camp starts.

Any questions left?
Write us on WhatsApp
+34 671 152 283
Meet our curators!
  • XAV
    Cultural manager, designer and poet
    Xav spends most of its time designing funky stuff for Artists and creating interactive artistic cultural experiences using technologies like AR/VR to boost emerging artists’ careers. Every now and then, XAV performs theatrical monologues in open mics around Barcelona as their alter ego PAGOO!
  • Ioana
    Poet and spoken word artist
    Ioana has been writing since she was very young, Ioana started doing slam poetry only in 2021. Since then, she has performed at various events and open mics in Barcelona and hosted her own events. The purpose of her art is to genuinely connect with the listener, to heal and raise significant social and existential questions.
  • Mamoun
    Musical curator
    Mamoun has been in the past years putting some work as a music curator through sound installations for art galleries like Cruce Contemporáneo, radio as a host in Radio Relativa, and as a DJ with his residency at Kommune Club Madrid.
  • Santi
    Musician and artistic researcher
    Santi specializes in electronic music and organ. I am interested in art education and all types of music. I am currently studying for a master's degree in artistic research at ESMUC.
One day example
Each day will start with a new creative task. Moreover, we’re gonna have everyday workshops from each curator.

30 August – 6 September (11+)
9.00 — 10.30
9.00 — 10.30
Wake up, yoga, shower, breakfast
10.30 — 11.30
10.30 — 11.30
The task of the day, work in small groups and brainstorm part with curators.
11.30 — 13.00
11.30 — 13.00
Sports activities — volley, football, tennis, swimming, hiking
13.00 — 14.00
13.00 — 14.00
14.00 — 19.00
14.00 — 19.00
Working on the task of a day with mates
Light snacks serving
19.00 — 20.00
19.00 — 20.00
Dinner time
20.00 — 22.00
20.00 — 22.00
Presentation of the day's task
22.00 — 23.00
22.00 — 23.00
Quiet time before sleeping
Guided meditation or reading in small groups
Location – Fontrubí (1 hour from Barcelona)
Price – 650€
30 August – 6 September

Program, accommodation, and 4 times meals are included in the price. After the registration, we’ll send you a link to pay (it's possible to split the payment into 2 parts)

We offer free spaces for Ukrainian kids at this camp. If you want to become a sponsor and buy the place out, please message us.

We are glad to answer your questions —
phone +34 671 152 283 (call or what’s app/telegram), email —
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